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SpiderWire SS8braid and FC Duo Spool

$39.83 $ 27.88
7.5kg Braid - 4.5kg Fluo
7.5kg Braid – 6.0kg Fluo
10.3kg Braid – 5.0kg Fluo
10.3kg Braid – 6.0kg Fluo
11.2kg Braid – 7.0kg Fluo
16.5kg Braid – 10.0kg Fluo
18.0kg Braid - 12.5kg Fluo
SKU : 265408429689 Category : Other Fishing Line & Leaders

The combinations are ideal for various predator fish like zander, perch, trout and seabass. Carefully selected braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader combinations by our predator experts. Combinations are specially selected for zander, perch, trout and seabass.

Additional Information
Brand Spiderwire
Line Type Braided